Woman sparks outrage with ‘pasta table’ that leaves people wanting to vomit

We’ve all seen grazing boards and platters, piled high with meats, cheese, antipasti and more.

But have you ever seen a pasta grazing table?

This was something one woman recently made – much to the outrage of social media users.

The woman, named Erin, shared a video of her creation on TikTok.

In the clip, she says: “Y’all have heard of nacho table, I raise you pasta table.”

She proceeds to spread tin foil over a dining table, before covering the surface in different types of cooked pasta and slices of garlic bread – for people to help themselves to.

The video has garnered a lot of attention, being viewed more than one million times.

In the age of coronavirus and social distancing, people who saw the clip were unimpressed and thought it was a sure fire way for people to spread germs.

One person commented: “And that’s called virus table spread.”

“Covid-19 has entered the chat,” wrote a second.

Another said: “So we’re just going to forget about plates now?”

Others were just generally against the idea, saying it made them want to “vomit”.

“My grandmother would be rolling in her grave if I ever did this,” proclaimed a fourth.

Someone else replied: “I’m gonna vom.”

However not everyone disliked the idea of a pasta table, with some saying they wanted to try it for themselves.

A different user responded that they thought it was “much better than a nacho table”.

A second pointed out: “Y’all so judgmental – it’s just something different that they enjoy doing as a family.”

“People need to do this when they’re having a lazy day and don’t wanna do dishes,” admitted a third user.

“This is my dream,” added another.